The cornerstones
of our culture

These core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide our collective actions and behaviors. We live by these in our own business, practice them with our investment partners and continually reinforce them with our management partners.

Core Values


  • Have a shared vision for success
  • Communicate early and often
  • Consistent message from top to bottom


  • Own mistakes and learn from them
  • Take ownership and responsibility as a team
  • Do what you say


  • Consider all the viewpoints
  • Seek diverse opinions
  • Be practical

Mutual Respect

  • Be a better listener than speaker
  • Give credit where due
  • Check the ego at the door

Hard Work

  • Be reliable and action-oriented
  • Passion is a motivation for others
  • Prioritize and get it done


  • Remain calm in the face of change
  • Find the silver lining
  • Assess and take action