We continually refine our investment focus to identify “all weather” investments.

Investments across our past three funds map into the investment themes below. We believe these themes underpin secular tailwinds to drive customer demand.

We are very excited about our continued partnership with the team at Hamilton Robinson. They have helped us build-out a solid foundation, enabling us to achieve unmatched depth in the roller industry.

CEO, American Roller Company

Automation and Productivity Enhancement

Technologies, tools, processes and products which remove costs or enhance the productivity for customers. Whether removing complexities associated with labor or improving quality and safety, these businesses enable “quicker, better, easier” that generate compelling ROI for customers.

A-Cyclical Investing Through Services and Aftermarket

Non-discretionary services including maintenance, repair, aftermarket and on-going critical service are must-do actions, regardless of broader macroeconomic or customer activity. These businesses have characteristically sticky revenue with high degrees of recurrence.

Regulatory and Compliance-Driven Tailwinds

Services and products that are required by law, regulation, specification or industry guidelines. With regulation and standardization ever-increasing across many end-markets, these businesses enable customers to comply with the specific rules and requirements in their respective end markets.