Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners (“HRCP”), a lower middle market private equity firm, announces that it has sold its investment in GrayMatter to Tailwind Capital. GrayMatter is a leading provider of automation and intelligence solutions serving some of the largest industrial companies in the world.

“We are proud of the accomplishments achieved and the impressive transformation of GrayMatter’s business. The company more than tripled in size during our partnership,” stated Brandon Richter, Partner, HRCP. “We accomplished this by completing five strategic acquisitions, expanding into new end markets including life sciences, investing in its US engineering team and fast-growing India operations, and enhancing its portfolio of solutions to provide compelling value to customers.”

“We are excited for the entire management team and the 84 employee shareholders who participated alongside us, as they embark on a new chapter. GrayMatter is poised to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions on the strength of the foundational investments we made during our partnership. We invested in emerging technologies including data analytics and implemented new systems and processes to position GrayMatter for future growth,” continued James Parmelee, Managing Director, HRCP.

Jim Gillespie, CEO, GrayMatter noted, “Hamilton Robinson’s support was key to achieving our strategic objectives over the last six years. We are well positioned to create a new brand of industrial intelligence solutions for our long-standing and loyal customers.”

Finn Dixon & Herling, Crowe LLP and William Blair & Company LLC advised Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners and GrayMatter.


GrayMatter is a technology and solutions service company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, committed to transforming operations and empowering people in critical infrastructure environments. GrayMatter focuses on co-innovation and curating the best process and technology to drive industrial companies and utilities through digital transformations.