Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners’ portfolio company, American Roller Company closed on its third add-on in twelve months with its acquisition of PETCO Inc. (“PETCO”). PETCO, founded in 1961 and located in Lake Forest, IL, gives American Roller expanded capabilities in urethane casting as well as further penetration into the Midwest regions expanding American Roller’s position as an industry leader in industrial rollers.

Adam Fitzner, Managing Director at Hamilton Robinson stated, “PETCO is this management team’s seventh acquisition which highlights how American Roller is the acquirer of choice in their large and fragmented market. The company’s standardized processes, in-house compounding, back office and systems have allowed the team to leverage the company’s infrastructure and dramatically improve earnings.”

“The acquisition of PETCO adds another marquee name to American Roller’s family of premier brands. Through organic R&D and acquisition, the company is now a clear industry leader with the broadest set of technical capabilities—a true one-stop shop for industrial roller servicing, replacement, coatings, and coverings for web processing equipment,” stated Christian Lund, Partner at Hamilton Robinson.

“We are grateful that the Smith family and PETCO employees have placed their trust in American Roller,” said Dan Cahalane, President and CEO of American Roller. “I must also mention what an incredible team and business process we have in the American Roller Way. It is impressive how our team has been able to complete three acquisitions in twelve months and make such rapid progress on their integration.”


American Roller Company is an industry leading provider of engineered services and industrial rollers including rubber and urethane coverings, plasma coverings, and core fabrication. Founded in 1938 and based in Union Grove, WI, American Roller has multiple facilities throughout the United States and a facility in Canada and China. For more information visit www.americanroller.com.