Portfolio American Roller Company

Invested: February 2019
Located: Union Grove, WI
Category: Services & Technology - Seeking Add-Ons

Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners Is On A Roll With Its Recapitalization of
American Roller Company

Stamford, CT – February 7, 2019

Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners (“HRCP”), together with management and co-investors, has recapitalized American Roller Company, LLC (“American Roller”). American Roller, headquartered in Union Grove, Wisconsin, is a leading provider of engineered services and industrial rollers including rubber and urethane coverings, plasma coatings, and core fabrication.

CEO, Dan Cahalane stated, “This substantial investment will allow American Roller to build upon its strong foundation by providing it with additional resources to increase its responsiveness to customers and accelerate its growth plans.  It also provides the additional capital to pursue add-on acquisitions that will leverage our broad infrastructure and help us expand into new markets.  We are really excited about the potential opportunities this partnership creates and our bright future ahead”.

"American Roller is exactly the sort of company that HRCP is interested in as a partner - a leading service provider in the industrial segment with a strong ambitious management team focused on taking its business to the next level. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity and will immediately be able to add value and support management in achieving their expansion plans."

-Adam Fitzner, Managing Director, Hamilton Robinson

“Over the last 80 years, American Roller has developed its strong reputation as a technical leader and innovator in its core markets. By purchasing the web processing division, we will empower management to dedicate their full focus and resources to the web processing industry, accelerating its growth and providing enhanced solutions to its customers,” said Chris Lund, Partner at HRCP.