Anti-trade rhetoric was everywhere in the run-up to the 2016 elections, raising the prospect of big challenges for manufacturing companies.

At the same time, new opportunities for U.S. manufacturers, particularly in infrastructure and energy, are likely in the coming years — but how best to capitalize on them?

Opportunities abound —

  • A big infrastructure push seems likely.
  • Energy is rebounding.
  • Tech offers many new opportunities.
  • A hands-off government could allow business to flourish.

 But there are threats too —

  • A shrinking pie? Protectionism and tough political talk may challenge trade and the U.S.’s global position.
  • An economic downturn may be coming.
  • Deal making remains difficult with valuations sky-high.
  • …all this while interest rates clearly seem to be headed higher…!

Brett R. Keith, Managing Partner, Rockwood Equity Partners
Mark E. Avsec, Partner, Benesch

Robert A. Newbold, Managing Principal, Graham Partners Inc.
R. Peter Reiter, Managing Director, RFE Investment Partners
Brandon Richter, Principal, Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners

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