HRCP has consistently grown equity value in smaller private businesses by building excellent companies in partnership
with operating managers.
  Of all the strategies and tactics available to us, we have found that building value results from the pursuit of a positive business culture, a focus on LEAN operations, and development through add-on acquisitions. We have developed comprehensive methods to promote these practices at our portfolio companies.

Central to our strategy, and every one of our investments, is a partnership with operating managers driven by shared objectives and meaningful equity incentives. HRCP sets itself apart from many investment firms by its demonstrable commitment to the operating managers of companies in which we invest. We provide these managers with a strong board of directors with relevant industry experience to help develop strategy and promote profitable growth. We never set out to take management positions at our portfolio companies, although we are prepared to do so, and have done so in the past on a temporary basis, as needed.

HRCP strives to build investment value through every step of the private equity process. We creatively source proprietary transactions as well as review auction properties. We close transactions based on the operating potential of a business, more so than capital markets, as we believe this is where the greatest value creation opportunity exists.


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