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  Co-Investing 2015
Increasing Returns, Reducing Fees, and Advoiding Adverse Selection
In Partnerships between Funds and Investors

Scott Oakford, featured panelist, "How to Manage the Co-Investing Process"

April, 27, 2015 – New York, NY

Co-Investing 2015, an interactive forum, jumps right into the fray, highlighting the biggest challenges and concerns in this growing trend. Due diligence on deals and sponsors, governance, investor rights, regulatory concern, valuation, and recordkeeping—it all changes in co-investing. It's easy to understand why co-investing is popular, but it's hard to see the obstacles you're going up against once you jump in.

Todd G. Haring, Steelbridge Consulting

Marc der Kinderen, 747 Capital
Scott Oakford, Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners
Scott Martin, Cambridge Associates

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Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners was founded in 1984 to invest directly in small, privately held manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. The firm has maintained its singular focus on this dynamic market to become a valued resource for equity capital and growth strategies for small businesses. Based in Stamford, CT, the firm has completed over $1.3 billion in transactions supporting 41 companies. Investors include leading financial institutions, funds, family offices, and individuals in the United States and Europe.

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