Essential to our strategy is a collaborative partnership with
operating managers that is driven by shared objectives and
meaningful equity incentives.
  HRCP becomes and remains deeply involved with the top management of each portfolio company. Our collaboration is collegial and frequent. The Firm believes that it is advantageous to tap the different backgrounds and skills of the principals and our affiliates and every transaction is staffed by more than one principal.

We seek to partner with leading companies selling brand-name products in niche industrial, distribution and service markets. We are attracted to companies where business growth and equity value creation is possible through initiatives such as new product launches, geographic expansion, and sales channel enhancement, as well as carefully selected and complementary acquisitions in the U.S. and abroad. In other words, we seek transactions where there is clear room for improvement and where management is looking to partner with a firm that has demonstrated an ability to help them address their existing challenges and move to a new stage.

HRCP has achieved its investment objectives by using considerably less leverage than has been prevalent in the marketplace. Low-leverage capitalization provides the opportunity to build companies internally through organic growth or externally through acquisitions.


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